Monday, August 25, 2008

Un Chapeau Nouveau

I received a box in the mail on Saturday. No surprise, as I had ordered a couple of books (including volumes 4 and 5 of Harmsworth's Household Encyclopedia - woo hoo!). However, when I finally opened the box it contained a brand spanking new Dead Guy hat. Apparently some kind soul out there read my entry and ordered me a new hat, without dust stains and the like adorning it - how cool is that?

So, mystery gifter, if you're in the mood to purchase me another present, I'd like a spinning wheel, an electronic yardage measurer, and a drum carder so I can make my own yarn. My apartment isn't quite full enough of yarn, and being unemployed I really can't afford to purchase more so I'd like to make my own.

Thank you.

Ms Feral


Anonymous said...

That photo is too scary. If that be you and you are not wearing whiteface makeup, you had better get out of the batcave and crawl into a tanning bed immediately. (Summer has been canceled and it is now October.)

Oh, by the way, the goat hostage gets it. I thought you were looking to update your image and wanted a classy retro look. I thought Bebe's dark, glamorous look and gangster connection would be appealing, but NO!! I understand now, some long to be the magician's assistant, mesmerized by the magic, wanting to be a pawn in their game. You are mesmerized by scientists, longing to be the assistant to someone who yields a different kind of magic. Be careful, the white coat metaphor can be used for many things.

Jane said...

That's not whiteface, that's my clay mask - it's to refine my pores.

Yes, I do indeed aspire to be the B-move lab assistant - tight sweaters, shrieking and screaming, struggling, kicking, flailing...

And I'll make sure I stay away from white coats with extra-long sleeves.

Anonymous said...

So, I'm still looking for that picture of your salami. BTW, did said salami come from porkland, perchance?