Monday, December 22, 2008

Too Many Snow Pictures!

We've had an incredible snowfall here in the Rain Belt; usually, we might get a little accumulation which dissipates within a day or two of making landfall. And I have to confess, I've been unable to stay indoors when the snow is actually coming down - I spent far too much time outdoors yesterday, wandering around in the snow, and taking photos like a madwoman. It's been decades since we've had such an impressive holiday season. So without further ado, let me post way too many photos of snow in Seattle.

The perfect house for a steampunk Xmas:

Snow globe:

A rock retaining wall for an ugly apartment complex becomes a vision of beauty in its winter coat:

Such fine, powdery snow found its way to the tiniest of places:

I loved these purple berries, with their snow hats on - don't worry, you're not seeing nearly as many berry photos as I took:

What could be look more like the holiday season than snow and ivy? Not much, folks. Here's something reminiscent of the Green Man, and on Solstice:

Snow collects in the coolest places - wrought iron gates, or within the frond of a fern:

Cowen Park - a gathering place for many happy folks anytime it snows up here:

Low-tech sled (an box, according to the sled team). The wee laddie inside the box wasn't the least bit disturbed by the extremely temporary nature of his sleigh - he was having fun, and I really wanted a ride in the snow, too:

Gratuitous coffee shot:

If you can't wander around in the snow with your sexy guy, you can at least have a killer cuppa java - and so I did! Thanks, Herkimer on the Ave!

We're supposed to get more snow tonight - and I can't wait! I've got all my winter gear ready!


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your photographic prowess. May I request to have the berry picture sent to me to make images for my wall, the purple with the snow cap, ..the pink, such nice images. Great job.

McKenna Woods

Viviana said...

That's very kind of you to say, MW! Digital technology makes it fairly easy - but choice of subject is still a skill. After all, I could have been taking pictures of dog and bird poop in the snow - I had plenty of opportunities to do just that!