Friday, January 9, 2009

More Snow! More Snow!

With all the flooding the last few days, I'm sure many have forgotten that we had more snow this past Sunday - quite a lot, even if it only lasted for just a few hours. I went out less than two hours after the snow had started falling in earnest and took more photos. When I returned, a friend had left a voice mail that started, "Hey, you must be out playing in the snow!" Indeed, I was - I even went to nearby playground.

More photos of the fencing and gates around my apartment building - I just love the way the snow collects in these spots!

Public transportation brought to a halt by the weather:

More seriously, this was less than two hours accumulation on the intersection closest to my home:

City trash receptacles looks much better with a layer of snow covering them:

The wind was blowing this very sticky snow, so it stuck in some very interesting places, like on the side of this light pole:

And the ubiquitous photos of snow-covered branches, of which here is one:

Cowen Park:

Another interesting place for the snow to stick:

It's no surprise that I don't know where I am half the time...

The park's sundial - it's no surprise I never know when I am, either:

My breath rarely looks this wonderful; in fact, under most conditions, seeing one's breath is a bad sign, not a good sign:

More fence action, folks:

Tired of branches? Try grapevines:

And in the following photo, I caught a snowflake in action:

I have no idea whether there was a nail sticking out, or just a wee splinter of wood, but again, the snow collected in some interesting places:

Dingy U district alleys look so much nicer in the snow.

Fortunately, I've had no chance to take photos of flooding - I consider that to be a good thing, especially since I live on the third floor of my building. Frankly, I'd think you'd prefer the snow to the closed highways and mudslides of the last few days.

The Committee Who Would Like To Have Another Big Honkin' Snow Storm


Anonymous said...

Really good pictures. I love the subjects, how you frame them is very composition.


Viviana said...

Thank you! I've received compliments, from time to time, on my photographs.