Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jam Cam

First of all, many apologies for being such an irregular correspondent. It's not as if I'm lacking material from which to draw inspiration; it is mostly a matter of time constraints. Having enough time to think through what I would say; the post about why I would never succeed in a restaurant job is an example of what happens when I don't spend enough time on my writing. There's a better post in there somewhere, but it will be awhile before I can sit down and rewrite it. And I don't want a blog that is going to be full of crappy, half-written posts. Honestly - my mother raised me better than that. But let's move on to today's topic.

I have been referring to the camera on my new little Mac Book as the "jammy cam" at work, taunting my coworkers with the fact that, once I'm laid off, I'll be posting photos of me in my jammies drinking tea and typing blog posts while they're slaving at work. (Hey, if one is going to be unemployed for awhile, one might as well get some enjoyment out of it; not getting up at 5:30 AM is going to be a big chunk of that enjoyment.) Today, though, it was more jam than jammies that were being photographed.

I took this week off from work; we get two days off for the holiday, and long before layoffs came I had decided to take the entire week off. After news of the serious layoffs headed our way was announced, I decided to enjoy the three extra days off and be rested for the bad news. So I've sort of used this week as a trial for being unemployed. The weekend was a bit of a bust, as it reached 303.15 degrees Kelvin in my apartment (and I assure you, the 86 degrees F really felt more like 303.15). But Monday I had an appointment, purchased some badly needed knitting tools, purchased something for my mother and knitting swap pal at the Daiso $1.50 store, did some dishes and some laundry. Yesterday I came over to a friend's house around noon - we rendezvoused at the Goodwill near her home, where I purchased some yarn and came up with an excellent cheap craft idea (notice I didn't say it was tasteful or attractive), and then we returned to her home to make strawberry jam from berries her bf had raised in their backyard. This morning we had toast with our lovely, perfectly jellied strawberry jam, bacon, potatoes, and fresh eggs from her chickens. Last night we lounged in their hot tub and watched meteors and the space station cross the night skies.

Not working sucks ;-)

Anyway, here are some lovely photos of our jam:

And here's a gratuitous chicken photo:

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Anonymous said...

Me thinks you be havin too much fun. Broke the same news to me mater yesterday, her reaction was to have me stop by next Friday with some Geraniums and plant some pots on the deck for her. Since the deck be a health hazard, I be scheduled to show up with the deck screws and screw gun along with the prettys (my idea for the deck screw project, dont want to spend me unintentional retirement in traction) KAL