Thursday, July 24, 2008


Firstly, the maple-flavoured yogurt disaster has temporarily abated; I did manage to pick up four cartons of my dearest vanilla yesterday, but that won't last long, and there's still another maple in the fridge just waiting to ruin my morning. ::shudder!::

I did indeed go to my writing group last night. I've already forgotten my training as an admin - I brought no hardcopies, so I had nothing to present. Hey, I brought my computer - and I don't have a printer, so bringing hardcopies requires much more planning than it did at work. The others' writing was interesting and entertaining, but I was relived to find no blossoming Samuel Becketts in the group. I don't think I could deal with that. My talents, such as they are, can't hold a candle to the author of "Watt" (one of the finest novels ever written, if you can deal with the weirdness of the narrative).

Not much to report today otherwise, except I did dream about my fellow chair moisteners back at MegaDyneCorp Technologies. Y'all better hope this dream doesn't come true (except for you, Noisy - but hang on to your yoga ball!), because all the chairs were being replaced with these backless models that had plastic purple seats. No, they weren't stools, they were chairs with no backs. Cost-saving measures abound! The nightmare part was that I had brought my orchid to show off; I knocked it over in one of the labs and was trying to get the soil back in the pot and the plant stabilized again. There was this piece of equipment that should have been helping me, but instead it packed my orchid as if it were a brick of tofu and baked it. Yes, it baked my orchid. I started crying like a pony-deprived three year old. (Note to self - do not bring anything that could tip over when you go to visit your former coworkers.)

You may wonder why I am making a note to myself about something that occurred in my dreams. I did dream, several weeks before the impending layoffs were announced, that I had been laid off, and that Ms Prickly and I were both packing our offices. So beware of backless chairs, folks.

Today's activities will include stealing wifi from the University of Washington - woo hoo!

ETA: Oh yeah, I asked for comments on my geiger counter, and neither one of my regular readers made a single statement on the topic. Some help you guys are! If I ever put that electronic and mechanical stuff inside my robot to make him work, I'm not telling you - you'll just have to read about it in the paper.


Anonymous said...

hey I did make a comment on on mr.geiger counter. I said let the boy take a look then you can watch his face light with joy as he plays with your toy!! hehe!

Jane said...

If his face lights up in joy it will be because he either likes broken equipment or he enjoys repairing things. Ms Geiger does have her schematics glued to her insides....