Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I'm eating maple-flavoured yogurt for breakfast. It tastes as if someone spilled stale coffee on it. I really need to lay in a supply of my beloved vanilla.

I found several emails from coworkers this morning - they still haven't forgotten the meaningless chaos I could produce around office just by walking through and saying 'Hi'. How sweet!

Well, I must shower and then hie meself up to the grocer - oh please oh please oh please let me find some vanilla today - and then return for a few hours of writing. I've got my first writing group meeting tonight. I wonder how many different ways they'll find to tell me I suck....

Update - I got to the store late since so many of my former coworkers decided to write today, as well as finding other fascinating distractions in my inbox. I did manage to score 4 cartons of vanilla - woo hoo! - but I think I'm going to have to get there when the doors open tomorrow. Shall I take bets on the likelihood of that happening?

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