Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Bonney Sonday

Ah am a body hung ower quinie.

I had a nice day yesterday, hanging with my BFF, discussing my brilliant future as writer and celebrity (and I'll nae be telling ye whither or no' I've me knickers on until you see the up-skirt photos fur yoorselves).

Ye will hae tae pardon
my drifting into Scots dialect; not only have I been listening to Parcel of Rogues, but last night Ah enjoyed a leisurely steep in a hot tub by moonlight with about three shots of Lismore on the rocks. And I found the coolest English-to-Scots online translator, which has me mair excited than mah new Fluevogs!

However, you should add to the consumption of the Lismore a handful of Edradour Single Malt Whisky Fudge , a tasty treat fur sure!

An' finally, if ye huvnae hud enaw ay Scots dialect here, check out James Hogg's Jacobite Relics. Lang bide th' Scots separatist movement, as Rabbie Burns would hae said!

O, would, or I had seen the day
That Treason thus could sell us,
My auld grey head had lien in clay
Wi' Bruce and loyal Wallace!
But pith and power, till my last hour
I'll mak this declaration :-
'We're bought and sold for English gold'--
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, Goat Hostage is jealous. Sounds like a perfect end to the days events. Now the morn' after...

Jane said...

Ah, 'twas nae so bad that I had recourse to hair of the dog...or goat or sheep, as the case may be in the Hielands.

I also tried out my handy-dandy Scots hangover herbal lozenges; results were not conclusive, more drinking will need to take place to get a better sample.

Anonymous said...

I was promised by Goat Hostage to see you in a pair of new Fluevogs boots. Where is it? If it is under the picassa folder under "Daughters of Wickerman", then forget it!! MegaDyneCorp Technologies has horrible IT folks. I can't open anything without it crashing.

Wait... Does it sound like I'm disgruntled??? OK, you guessed it, I am!!

And bored and waiting to get into ttouble and no one to get into trouble with!! :-(

Jane said...

Ah hiner ye enjoy mah bonnie new bitts!

MegaDyneCorp Technologies diz lae a lot tae be disgruntled abit.

My sympathies; poverty may make one unhappy on a general all-over level, but it doesn't actively pick on you.

Blue Llama said...

I jusat looked at your fudge link. Did you miss all the great Haggis? I didn't know there was "Cerimonial" Haggis!!

Jane said...

Ah, I indeed noticed the haggis, although I missed the ceremonial haggis. I wonder what horrible, life-shattering event would require a haggis accompaniment? I'm pretty sure nothing has yet happened to me that wuld make haggis smell or taste good, including all the alcohol I imbibed last night (see my soon-to-be-published post, "Miscellany").