Friday, September 19, 2008


Looking pretty good for a hungover chick!

I've not blogged since Sunday - bad Viviana! Bad, naughty Viviana! So today I catch up - again, after an evening of heavy imbibing. What does that say about my readership that I can only face them when I'm hungover?

In truth, though, I'm actually feeling quite well; I took a couple of aspirin last night before bed, and this morning consumed a hang over lozenge* whilst showering, so that when I finally left the house I was ready for my morning caffeine fix.

Why am I hungover? I went out last night with one of the mad scientists from MegaDyneCorp Technologies, Dr Moriarty, and his lovely wife Cleopatra. We started the evening at my favorite sushi bar, enjoying a lovely selection of premium sakes - Wakatake Onikoroshi (my favorite - if I could marry a sake, it would be this delightful beverage), Ichinokura, and Bishonen (f0rgive my mispellings if there are any). So yes, I had two boxes (masu?) of premium sake, and then we retired to the good evil doctor's home to sample some scotches.

A malt scotch (not single malt, but a mix of, say, three different single malts - different from blended scotch - don't ask me for the details, 'tis what The Google is for) with a name like "Extra Smoky Peaty" was the first sample. I do like the peaty, smokey single malts, particularly once the weather cools down. It'll warm ye up like nothing else in this world (except habaneros or being burned at the stake). I can't say I loved it, but it wasn't bad, and if you're feeling a little adventurous in the scotch department - and like it peaty - it's interesting to try it out and catch the differences in palate.

The next was some 12-yr-old Suntory (a Japanese single-malt). Not awful, but it reminded me of some Speyburn that I got talked into buying in my early days of scotch consumption. I ended up using the Speyburn for toddies (when your single malt ends up being used for a toddy, you know the owner dinna much care for it). I think the Suntory was better than that, but I wouldn't hurt myself to get a bottle of it - although the bottle itself was quite nice. I also had a taste of some sort of rice alcohol from China - gag! Rocket fuel! Yecch yecch yecch!

However, amends were made when I was given a glass of authentic absinthe, to be consumed in the 19th century style. It was rather like being in New Orleans, as we sat around and discussed Southerners and the importance of social hierarchy in the south.

Pardon me, readers - I ended up going on a shopping trip to get birthday gifts for a good friend, so I've totally lost my train of thought on this entry. I'll begin another one, and hopefully at some point relocate this particular stream of consciousness.

*Sweet Botanicals Hangover Drops are the latest and greatest cure for hell-on-earth hangovers. These delicious candies are made from real red fruit juices, bramble, lemon, orange, rose hips, and a smidgen of ginseng. {from a blog ad.}

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