Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well Said, Blue Llama!

Blue Llama is one of my semi-regular readers and commentators, and left an excellent response to my "God's Away On Business" column, which I think worthy of sharing:

The song is an apt tune for our MDC. I hear a lot of "D*mn that last CEO" downstairs. People are reminiscing about the happy times of yesteryear and lamenting the instabilities of the future.

Well nothing is sacred at MDC. We knew that!

Yep - there's always free cheese in the corporate mousetrap - woo hoo!

Also, let me know if I should reset my Blogger settings to have the comments show up automatically, instead of youse guys having to click on them. It's not as if I get hundreds of comments, but I do get them, and some of them are enlightening.


Anonymous said...

I had high hopes. Goat hostage procrastinated on sending in her first week claim, today the WA State Employment Security Department is , "We’re very sorry! The page you requested isn’t available.
What would you like to do?"

What should I do?
Goat Hostage

Jane said...

Dear Goat Hostage - I would write them back and tell them to please put up a better message than the one they've got. It is pretty obvious that you would like to go to the page requested. I'd find a contact email, write them, relay the message you received and say, "I'd like to visit the page I requested."