Monday, September 22, 2008

Will This Show up on the MegaDyneCorp Cafeteria Menu As Well?

Mad Cow Disease at Next Clarkson University Science Cafe Wednesday
Clarkson University News (press release) - Potsdam,New York,USA

Certainly the title in the link doesn't really mean that some cafe at Clarkson University will be serving up Mad Cow Disease on Wednesday...right? Right? Maybe they are serving up one of my nightmare foods, the Oz omelette which features brains, hearts and kidneys. The only thing that would make lunch better is Vegetable Medley Jell-o salad - made with lime Jell-o, of course.


Blue Llama said...

So you fionally figured out the Sodexho secret!! t must be much clearer now that you are no onger in the thick of it. (ie wading through all the muck that is about!)

Jane said...

I had my suspicions before I spied this headline; this not only confirms those suspicions, but indicates that this is probably a leading trend in the catering industry.

I'm trying to eat lunch as I type, so I'm avoiding following where this trend will lead - just let me say that I wish the whole Soylent Green thing was going to be as bad as it gets.